Sunday, December 21, 2014

the kånken backpack save the arctic fox special edition

fjällräven kånken mini

My mother is far from the only one who loves the classic Swedish Kånken backpack, but as it happens this mini version is her Christmas gift. The size is for small children, but since it's a versatile design it's also a practial handbag for grown-ups who, unlike me, enjoy the concept of a backpack.

Yes a backpack is a practical way of carrying things but a) my back and shoulders actually hurts from using it and b) it's terribly impractical and unsafe when it comes to carrying the wallet, phone etc. I do use my Kånken backpack when I have to carry heavy stuff and the computer but to be honest I try to use it as rarely as possible because it quickly becomes pretty painful to do so.

Kånken comes in a multitude of colours, but I quite like the two-coloured ones and this one came with the bonus of an additional 10 euro on the price going to Save the Arctic Fox-campaign. The arctic fox being the model for the Fjällräven logo.

How's your relationship with backpacks,
love, hate or indifference?

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