Monday, December 08, 2014

three magic wristwarmers on a string

pia k stockholm

As constant snoopervision or lens louse behaviour is obligatory in this residence you can never ever really get away from it. Like even if you hang things on a string to be photographed you can always rely on the feline inspector to appear where you least expect it. Please find one fault in this picture.

No, not even three perky wristwarmers get to bask in the glory of a blogpost of their own. Pesky paw inspection is a must.

One pair of wristwarmers I've made to order the other two is actually for sale, because I couldn't stop knitting, more magic was needed. I might have to list them in my hibernating Etsy-shop. Feel free to give me a holler if you're interested!

pia k stockholm

1 comment:

Lost Star said...

Hi Pia,

Are any of these wrist warmers still for sale? I'm hopefully headed to Sweden in February and would love to wear a pair!

- Lizzi x

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