Thursday, December 11, 2014

christmassy nails

models own nailpolish

Remember the fantastic speckled egg nailpolish from Models Own I got for Easter? With one broken bottle. I've been meaning to replace that bottle ever since, but the expensive postage has been off-putting. But now I went for it and made sure they packed it extra well. In fact they packed it so well it was quite a job to unpack it. Many thumbs up for that! And of course no bottle was broken upon arrival.

The delivery was also, just like last time, super-quick. Picked up late evening in the UK, delivered by FedEx 2 pm the next day at my door. Haven't used any of them yet - because I've just painted my nails a bit glittery christmassy, so I might as well enjoy that for the rest of the week

christmassy nails
Opi Do You Think I'm Tex-y? + Gettin' Miss Piggy With It and China Glaze Running in circles

Seems like I have to deny the "to be honest (really) I pretty much use the ones I already have rather than oogling and buying new ones" thing from only a few week backs - oh dear, seems like there's a little politician living inside me trying to show her face... - but apart from that slightly embarassing bit I enjoy the purchase very much. Hopefully they'll look nice worn too, it was a 6 bottles deal so I'm not at sure about all the colours.

Two things you can always rely on though -
1) There is always a bobbaloo that colour match,
2) there is always a feline inspector aka snooperviser nearby.

models own nailpolish

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