Wednesday, December 17, 2014

and there was snow


Yesterday the garden and world were still unseasonably green - even if this has been norm these past few years it is still plain wrong for this time of the Scandianvian year. And that's that - today it began to snow! Big, soft, beautiful snowflakes.


And the bobbaloos of 2014 who have never experienced snow had to see and be in it for themselves. I'm not sure they were appreciative.


To be honest I think humans and kids especially appreciate it the most - even if the public transportation system after all these Swedish years still get all crazy chaotic as soon as there's is a mere hint of snow. That was a rare thing when I was a kid and believe you me when I say the winters were so much colder, snowier and longer then. Quality buses, trains and rails then, not so much now alas - cats certainly do not.

red in snow

Oh noes, cold, wet and nasty, please get me out of here!

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Elephant's Child said...

Snow? Jealous thoughts. As we lurch into our usual hot sweaty summer I am loving the cool beauty of these photos. And, no our cats wouldn't like it either. Though they complain about very hot days too. And rainy days. And windy days...

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