Wednesday, December 31, 2014

happy new year 2015 ~

amigurumi owls in progress

Even if 2014 has been an overall good year too, I am not able to write such an upbeat and happy New Year's post like last year. Simply because I've felt that 2014 has been a more uphill kind of year. Great in learning, growing, meetings and experiences but sadly not at all as serendipitous and beautiful as 2013. On the other hand I've been quite absorbed with work all autumn, it's been a more serious year and it has perhaps left me less open to the magic that surrounds us.

My deepest, truest, maddest wish for me, myself and Prosit in 2015 is that there will be a plethora of work, play and love. That there will finally be the right time, favourable stars aligned, for new freelance projects, inspiring collaborations with likeminded people, creative assignments with me in a new, professional role in a place that makes my heart sing and makes the world a better place for many.

And for the world I deeply wish for a more compassionate, kinder, peaceful, intelligent, unselfish, greener and happier year.

May you have a fantastic, joyous, vegan food filled, colourful and inspiring 2015 and may your dreams come true -

Happy New Year, one and all!

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Poppy Q said...

Happy New Year to you Pia and your lovely fur family!! Wishing you great things for the year ahead.

julie and Poppy Q

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