Saturday, December 20, 2014

'tis the season of saffron

christmassy breakfast

One of the best thing foodwise this time of the year is the plethora of saffron. Fabulous flavour, happy in colour. Today I had a saffron pancake for breakfast (at Cafe Tant Gredelin) today. Served with strawberry jam and whipped cream. It was a lovely experience indeed. I really do need need to recreate that dish at home. The pancake in this case is the texture of Swedish cheesecake (ostkaka) and the dish is based on Christmas porridge (ie rice porridge).

Apart from the lussebullar I rarely cook or bake with saffron. But when I do it usually turns out lovely. Like the saffron apple cake. Hence I should do it more often. Ah, the things we should. But don't.

borgs bageri

But what I do when possible is to enjoy the seasonal saffron buns in different shapes and sizes that other people bake.

saffron bun

Because somehow stuffing yourself with saffron matters seem quite quite appropriate this time of the year. In fact it's most probably mandatory.

food and drink

saffron semla

Also one seasonal saffron semla is a must. They may not be as good as a really great right Fat Tuesday time of the year Swedish lenten bun/semla, but still nothing says Sweden at Christmas as much as a saffron laden semla in December.

What's your opinion about saffron?
Do you have a favourite saffron dish?

And what's your favourite seasonal spice?

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