Friday, December 26, 2014

the christmas food of 2014

This was the vegetarian and vegan food eaten over the three days of Christmas. I'm not a fan of the 'usual type' of Swedish christmassy food, apart from beetroot salad and the rice pudding Ris á la Malta - obviously and I would never ever visit the gluttany that's a Swedish smorgasbord, not even if it was vegan -

so we basically have a good potato gratin, vegan balls and dito sausages, beetroot salad and salad. And for dessert rice pudding and the Swedish Christmas toffee called knäck. The left-overs last for at least the following two Christmas days - and then I'm so glad it's over and done with.

This year's potato gratin was a vegan version of the classic Swedish anchovy potato gratin 'Janssons frestelse' (Jansson's temptation), Vego frestelse from the vegan food magazine 'Vego Magasinet' - so simple and absolutely delicious. I will so make this again!

This vegan ham was a new experience. I fry dipped it with mustard, spices and breadcrumbs and baked it in the oven. It was nice, but not memorable and nothing I will make again. Tomorrow the substantial bit of leftover will be turned into pasta sauce.

I don't eat eggs anymore, but for those who do, the vegan seaweed caviar is certainly a perky addition to the Christmas table.

Vegan soy balls from Anamma - like! - and vegan sausages prinsesskorvar (princess sausages, the name is a wordplay in Swedish, the meat version of chipotle sausages is called prinskorvar, prince sausages) from Astrid och aporna - don't like neither flavour nor texture.

The beetroot salad was store bought and it sadly wasn't a good one this year. Next year I'll make my own. But the simple veggie side salad was good. Of course. Looking forward to more fresh salads being eaten again!

This year the Ris á la Malta had a new ingredient, saffron. It was lovely. And so was the chewy knäck with saffron. Never mind I lost a dental filling by it. Just a delicious way to get rid of an old, nasty mercury alloy if you ask me.

What vegan/vegetarian food did you enjoy most over Christmas this year?


Poppy Q said...

Well, at the other end of the world we had ham, potatoes and salad for Christmas dinner followed by pavlova with cream and strawberries. On boxing day, we joined friends for a big lunch of dumplings, with most being vegetarian vegatable and tofu fillings with a great spinach and orange salad. Dessert was a flourless orange cake with yogurt.

Julie and Poppy Q

CrimsonAnna said...

For me, it was the beetroot and pomegrenate salad I always make for Christmas, and the pickled green tomatoes my father made.

Never tried vegan ham. I wasn't keen on ham when I had meat so I don't see a point in buying a vegan ham.

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