Sunday, December 14, 2014

the cat baking roller

cat baking roller

Six months later I decided it was time to order that roller pin engraved with cats. As a Christmas gift for myself and a reward for really hard work these past few months one might say. Ginger snaps baking will of course be so much rewarding with embossed cats in rolled dough, right? Right. And I'm sure there won't be any such unfortunate seasonal cookies as there once was when no cat baking roller was in sight.

cat baking roller

As you can see the roller looks fantastic. And obviously it has been inspected (sniffed and licked on) thoroughly.

cat baking roller

The complimentary cookie that came with the pin was needless to say in crumbles upon arrival, but the paw inspector decided it was a somewhat decent fee for inspection.

cat baking roller

But not even the cutest of rolling pins or nicest of cat cookies can compete with the grumpy weather cat 2.0 status of course.

I will update this post once I've had the time to bake with the rolling pin. There's ginger snaps dough in the fridge just waiting, so that can happen any day.

The fantastic handmade baking roller comes from Valek Rolling Pins on Etsy

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Elephant's Child said...

What fun. Looking forward to the finished result.

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