Wednesday, June 10, 2009

for a portion of the refund

I do believe it's prudent to treat oneself to something special with at portion of the tax refund and not only use them to seal financial holes and pay bills. Having said that I can't very well do anything else than set a good example ~


Meet Recyclus Ella, mustard yellow El Naturalista eco (and cat) friendly shoes - more of them later in a post of their own - finally the green lizards can have a well deserved breather (no pun intended).


One can never have enough of good books. I nearly swooned when I discovered another book by Scarlett Thomas, author of the amazing "The End of Mr. Y". With nearly as pretty a cover as the Y one. Oh the joy of bedtime tonight!


Pastries - the one on the left is apparently called Sverigebakelsen = the Swedish pastry, fruit, custard, almond paste, never heard of it before. I'm glad that serious gap of knowledge is now filled - from Bästa Bageriet (the Best Bakery, not always a befitting name, but still...). The perfect round off to a rather pleasant day - despite the gloomy, drizzling weather - in front of the TV, because Wednesdays are "Grand Design" days. Hooray!


Forever Feline said...

Cute shoes and a great color. You did well!

Madame Ladybug (Ady) said...

Those shoes are cute! And the pastries look delicious. I have been wanting to read those books.

Lara said...

oh, well... the favourite things of a girl: cats, shoes, sweets & books :D... life's good!

Poppy Q said...

Pia, I love your new shoes. Exactly what I would choose too.

Grand Designs is on on Saturday night here - but I didn't have such a tasty looking treat to eat like you, while I watched it.

Have a lovely weekend, and I hope the sun comes out for you.

Pia K said...

better late than never, a year later i say thank you for the sweet comments all! shoes sadly were returned because they were a faulty pair and caused an aching left feet. i do miss that fantastic colour. books were great!

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