Monday, June 22, 2009

more malte on the wall


One can never have too much Malte on the wall. What can I say, I just thought the easy to make canvas art was such a neat way to give original gifts - here's another piece of Malte that will adorn someone else's wall in a few weeks time. This time as a red-white stripy sweetie.

Do note that this piece has also been liquorice paw approved. I'm pleased that at least some furries in this household have found a true calling, as distinguished (nosy) inspectors making very important approvals. Of smoothies, breadbaskets, pansies, shoestrings, meringues, cream pastries to mention but a few.



Kari said...

I don't think that I realized just adorable this precious love is. Your photo is beautiful, as usual.

DD said...

Well, I understand nothing. Patiente. DD

DD said...

Ok, I understand nothing but at least here the site:

DD from Brazil

Pia K said...

Aw, thanks, Kari:)

Oh, he's adorable, your Felix, thanks for sharing the photos, DD!

DD said...

I am happy that you like. And I post a comment in the Felix blog about your comment.

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