Monday, June 01, 2009

from the sparrow's nest


In this cute box - yes there were even tiny green leaves hiding in there as well as a cutie miniature thank you note in miniature envelope, very love-actually-ish, more than much appreciated by undersigned - hid earrings, handmade, birds, precious materials that compliments dark hair very well, how can an earring fancier not love such a treat?

I'm so very happy that the gifted creator, who specializes in sweet woodland theme pieces, managed to find some more of this quartz so I could finally get a pair of my own. The tiny birds are made of polymer clay and they're totally adorable.


Sharing the box with the earrings were a couple of tiny twigs bronzed hairpins - perfect for my new-ish hair of course -, which are exquisitely delicate and the photo really doesn't do them full justice.


More talented work of Mai's you'll find in her
The Sparrow's Nest Etsy shop


SparklyJem said...

Oh I love these so much!

Pia K said...

Oh, me too, SparklyJem, me too...:)

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