Saturday, June 13, 2009

godis & the liquorice cousins


Growing up in Sweden during the 70ies there was no such thing as eating sweets and candy during the weekdays, only on Saturdays. I can recall the special feeling of choosing just the right stuff for your special Saturday small candy paper bag at the kiosk. And how little you had to pay to get a pretty decent amount of goodies in that bag.

Being all grown up and (reasonably) responsible I rarely eat candy during weeks these days either - and clearly cakes, buns, pies and pastries don't count as candy, right? - and come to think of it, not even treating myself during Saturdays in general. And if I do, there's probably chocolate with nuts involved.

I think my feelings regarding this is that if one eats enough carrots and beetroots a really good pastry/slice of cake can sort of substitute for a meal (milk, bread, butter, cream, fruit, and possibly a dash of sugar), whilst a bag of candy can never ever do that. Hence one can most always has a good excuse to have cake, and get away with it without too much fuss.

Having had almost nonstop raindrops of various size degrees falling here for a couple of weeks now, I think a Saturday treat of hot cocoa with whipped cream is a prudent thing to have. I know I will.

As for candy, the only candy in this household this weekend will be eye candy in shape of the two liquorice cousins - one of which kind of digs to be out in the rain whilst the other one makes such an incredible whiny noise if he gets a wee bit wet in fur. Liquorice whine.

Swedish word "godis" means "candy", "sweets"


Kari said...

They are just beautiful. Black cats are so elegant.

Hawk and Weasel said...

Men gud vilka snyggingar de är!

Pia K said...

Thanks, Kari,

tack, HaW!

Even if I treasure most all cats, black ones have never been a favourite colour, so to me these two are just adorable due to their quirks:)

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