Tuesday, June 23, 2009

simply awesome rhubarb cream

When possible I like to keep food simple, with few and good ingredients. This version of rhubarb cream is just the no fuss best! Everything you need is

:: rhubarb
:: sugar (or sweetener)
:: water
:: cardamom (a dash)

Rinse and dice rhubarb, put in pot with a not-a-lot amount of water. Let to boil, then let simmer until rhubarb melts - my favorite part of the making rhubarb cream procedure, I'm amazed at it simply melting every time - add as much sugar (sweetener) as your tastebuds like. Rhubarb is so acid that it requires quite a lot of it, but you still want to get a decent hint of that refreshing sour rhubarb loveliness. Dash of cardamom is nice too.

I know some add potato flour during the melting part to make cream firmer, myself I do so prefer to keep it as a soft, silky, hint of watery cream. Serve with milk in a bowl. The perfect unpretentious, bestest of summer meals - with a couple of nice sandwiches for lunch or dinner - as far as I'm concerned ~

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DD said...

Hello. Is a soup? Or a dessert? Is cold or hot? thank you vary much. DD from....yes...Brazil.

Ady Grafovna said...

mmmm. sounds simple and delicious! i will try this out!

heidikins said...

Mmmm, rhubarb. I just got a bunch of it and have been deciding what, exactly, to do with the stuff. This will definitely make an appearance as casa de heidikins.


Pia K said...

It's a cream, not a soup, DD. It's best served in room temperature, or cold, definitely not warm as the milk you eat it with will go sour. You can have it as a dessert, but I usually have it more as a simple meal with a couple of sandwiches.

Do that, Ady, and let me know what you thought!

Hope you like it, heidikins (well, who wouldn't...;)!

DD Brazil said...

Oh, Ok, thanks, I think that was a hot soup or a cold soup (like spanish Gazpacho), but I understand now, its like to drink a cold chocolate with sandwiches. Well, One day I find and taste. Soud delicious! DD Brazil

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