Saturday, June 27, 2009

swedish strawberries


I've never understood why there's such a fuss about Swedish strawberries, that the quality of Swedish strawberries far surpass any other countries (at least as far as Swedes are concerned). Because honestly, I've had far better, juicier, sweeter strawberries abroad.

Hence my only reason for eating Swedish strawberries (when in Sweden) is that they are (reasonably) locally produced. Swedish strawberries (as in "svenska jordgubbar") will be late Saturday dinner. Not as good as rhubarb cream, according to my palate, but rather close. At least in the realm of proper Swedish summerish things to eat.


And yes, they have been approved
by distinguished inspectors.


DD said...

Pia, you really love rhubarb cream. I think that I will wrote a email to swedish government to become you a Minister Of Divulgation of Rhubarb For Countries That Dont Know Rhubarb And When Will Eat Love Too (M.O.D.O.R.F.C.T.D.K.R.A.W.W.E.L.T.) DD from Brazil

AidanF said...

Hi Pia, I think you hit upon a truism; I always thought Strawberries from Michigan were best until I moved out to California. I now think berries are best eaten locally and not shipped.

Pia K said...

Ha, ha, you do that, DD, I'd love to have such a distinguished and grateful job!!:)

Me too, Fritz, me too. It's also interesting to hear that the same saying, the same fuss, goes anywhere in the world...:)

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