Tuesday, June 16, 2009

june beauty

Time again for a beauty-skin-care-scent update on my front. It's been almost six months since last and my bottles seem to have lasted longer than expected (wanted)... ~

:: shampoo - lemongrass shampoo, mop (modern organic products). There are a few scents I'm totally smitten by, lemongrass is one. This shampoo smells lovely and with organic lemongrass, chamomile and calendula it promises to "fatten up" fine, skinny hair. Well, I don't know about that, it's a rather basic shampoo as far as my hair is concerned. With about 1/3 of the bottle used I'm leaning towards verdict "won't buy again".

:: conditioner - mixed greens moisture conditioner, mop. The conditioner that goes with the above shampoo smells lovely and contains organic alfalfa, artichoke, cucumber, watercress, rosemary, olive oil and apple cider vinegar for intense moisture treatment. At least it claims to give the latter. Sad to say that my hair it actually leaves quite the opposite, dry and brittle. Will so not buy again.

:: deep conditioner - extreme moisture, mop contains organic banana apple juice and other good stuff (mmm). You're suppose to use it a few times a week after using the above shampoo and then finish off with the above conditioner. I can't be bother with such a timeconsuming procedure, so I use it as a deep conditioner a couple of times per month instead. It's quite nice as that. Can definitely see myself getting another bottle once this one is finished.

:: hair mask - intense repair cream mask, Nivea. I was in desperate need of something deep conditioning and grabbed this at the super market. I think that Nivea's products are usually rather good, the only two good things about this one are its scent and the price. Other than that it does absolutely nothing in the way of deep moisturising and conditioning for my hair. So not a repeat buy.

:: body scrub - scrubilicious honey and almond, Floraroma. With almond oil, milled corn and walnut shell this is a sweet scented, nice priced and pretty basic scrub. UK brand.

:: shower gel - Clean on Me, Soap & Glory. Lovely scent, creamy thought nothing spectacular in the realm of shower gels. I love the brands witty names and bottles though. UK brand, sadly not available in Sweden. Yet.

coriander bath and shower liquid cleanser, Kiehl's. A basic cleanser with a fresh, uplifting scent. Perfect as a small travel bottle. It doesn't stand out enough for a repeat buy though. There are other scents and shower gels from Kiehl's I much prefer before this one.

:: soap - the grass soap from Dutch Sabon was of the long lasting lovable kind. The scent of freshly mowed lawn in shower was delightful and spirit lifting, and it's quite sad that I don't have any Amsterdamian connections so I could get another piece of this soap in a foreseeable future...

Björk & Berries wild strawberry, lovely creamy, sweet scent, though the soap is huge and of a rather inconvenient to hold shape. The danger of drop and slip in shower is somewhat imminent. Who do I sue? Make it smaller. And cheaper.

:: deodorant - Björk & Berries lingonberry rose, it is as good as I thought after using it once. Lovely.

:: body oil - Nuxe Multi Purpose Dry Oil, favourite product, lovely as ever.

:: body butter - Quince, Korres. I bow my head in shame when I say that I had never heard of Greek homeopathic skincare brand Korres until I stumbled on it at Athens airport. At the time I had no sense of smell (tin can woman) so I had to rely on M to make a scent choice. I think he did well. This body butter has a divine sweet scent and contains quince extract, sweet almond, sunflower and avocado oils and shea butter. Uplifting and leaves skin soft and pampered. The whole Korres range isn't available in a shop of their own in Sweden unfortunately. Can be found on the other side of the Baltic sea though, in Helsinki. Now I have yet another reason to pop over the east pond.

Björk & Berries Wild Strawberry. This body butter is quite a disappointment after the divine encounter with the lingonberry rose one, both as far a scent goes - without being rancid it smells stale and weird just opened. The moisture effect isn't nearly as great as the lbr one's. And it suffers from the same annoying lack of spell check as its fragrance sibling, the (albeit lovely) wild strawberry sugar scrub. A repeat buy? Shouldn't think so.

:: body lotion - black raspberry vanilla, Bath & Body Works. Love the long lasting scent, the generous moisture effect and the price. This long time favourite body lotion seems to be unthreatened on my top three list of body lotions. Sadly (still!) not available in Sweden I so love it when I have the opportunity to get one one way or the other. Will treasure this bottle and once it's all gone, pine for another one.

:: hand soap - clean & moisturise, Radox. One of my favourite hand soaps, I always stock up on a few when in the UK. Lovely, creamy with a sweet scent of chamomile and jojoba oil.

chamomile soothing handwash, Cussons Carex - a, not surprisingly, very similar scent to the above Radox, nice basic soap.

oliv lemon liquid soap, Gunry. A cheap, basic soap to have at the kitchen sink.

:: hand cream - Nivea SOS. One of the nice - as opposed to the above hair mask - products from Nivea, both in price as well as moisture for dry hands effect. I like it, although I wish it would be absorbed quicker, not a hand cream to be used on the go, more the type used over night.

:: nail polish - multi action 03 white, Sephora. Very basic, nice shine, free bottle would most probably not buy myself or again.

:: body mist - Flirtigo, Soap & Glory. Another sweet thing from S&G, the scent matches the Clean on Me shower gel. Don't know about the supposedly moistuirising effect, but still, the scent and overall flirtatious feel after having spritzed oneself with in makes it worth every reasonably pound paid for it.

:: body splash - black raspberry vanilla, Bath & Body Works. Love, love, love this long time favourite! Bath & Body Works splashes are the only ones that really continues to impress. As with the body lotion above, sadly not available in Sweden.

:: eau de toilette - Juste un baiser, Fragonard. About time I began using this one I guess... Rather lovely scent in a light and unpretentious, not long lasting (of course) way. Would probably not go all crazy at the op to get another bottle once this one is empty, but well, nice, fresh and basic just the same.

:: lip butter - guava, Korres. Another love at first use product from above mentioned Greek Korres. It smells heavenly and sweet, leaves lips feeling soft and lovely. Unfortunately it comes in jar and not in stick. I really don't like having to use my fingers to put on lip goo, it feels more than a dash unhygienic and I would so prefer if it could come in a chapstick or squeeze tube instead.

:: lip gloss - the first Lancôme mini delight juicy tubes I used was (I think) the strawberry scent one. Nice, glossy and I do like the fact that it's a mini sized product. Much more convenient that a larger sized one.

Which pretty much is the only flaw with the lip glosses from Kiehl's. Other than that they're hydrating, sweet scented with an unpretentious glossiness. New York Nude nuance is my favourite for summer.



Like people said in Brazil: woman suffer to get beautiful. DD FROM BRAZIL

Pia K said...

In Sweden we also have an old saying "den som vill vara fin får lida pin" which translates something like "if you want to look fine you'll have to endure pain", DD. Whilst other procedures for "beauty" might contain pain, I think using this stuff is just a delight because of all the fragrances and moisture effect:)

Poppy Q said...

Do you like hot couture perfume from Givenchy? It has a blackberry vanilla scent. I like it, Lolita lempicka and Flowerbomb.

I am also just trying the L'oreal range of derma genesis moisturisers, as I got a special deal on them.

Anonymous said...

Immigrate to Finland. Immediately! In Finland, it is enough not to smell of booze and have one lipstick. Much easier to be emancipated. BR, Make

Pia K said...

I will definitely sniff that perfume from Givenchy, Julie, sounds lovely! I think I did like the scent of Lolita L, but I was disappointed of the Flowerbomb, I had expected more somehow, to my nose it was so... unnoteworthy. Pretty bottle though:)

DD said...

Well, with this Swedish old saying I think that Barzil and Swedish have a little motre in commom that the Queen. DD from Brazil

Pia K said...

ha, ha, well I'm quite happy with using these products for my own wellbeing, anonymous in helsinki, i love scents and lotions. curiously enough i still feel quite emancipated...;)

it's rather funny that the same saying can be found in two so different countries opposite sides of the world, it's a small world, dd:)

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