Tuesday, June 23, 2009

midsomer murders and cherries

Our Swedish Summer has truly begun, when one can enjoy both Midsomer Murders and cherries. In about an hour another two summer signs will have this season's first blessed meeting. And I'm invited. Needless to say, well chuffed am I.



P.K said...

I too am a great fan of Midsomer Murders, and am quite content at watching repeats on the television

Pia K said...

Well, P.K, admittedly I must say I don't find MM as brilliantly well made as the Chief Inspector Morse-series, the plots usually *rather* strained, but still it's entertaining in a cosy way (as coys as murders can be...), quirky characters, charming settings and overall entertaining. Plus always shown during summers here, so it's pretty special:)

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