Wednesday, June 24, 2009

peacock and bumblebee


I think one can safely say that there's no need to be a semi earring addict to appreciate the true beauty of these earrings that caught my eye on Etsy (where else). The stunning loveliness of peacock feathers (cruelty free) has been turned into a couple of wonderfully simple yet bold earrings by Franky at valentinoink.

It was (earring) love at first jumbo bumblebee sight when browsing talented silversmith Beth Millner's shop. They are quirky adorable (which is a combination that of course never fails to impress and delight me), creative and finely handmade in a not too flawless way. An extra interesting and appealing feature of her jewellery is that she uses a lot of recycled material for her silver and copper pieces.

Beware of having a peek in her shop though, there are a whole lot of amazing looking things. Apart from these bumblebees must-haves my favourites are the sweet bird and tree pieces (earrings, pendants, bracelets).



Anonymous said...

Must...not... buy...more...earrings...
Oh no, resolve weakening...where's the credit card...oops sorry Bank Manager!
I blame Pia, she showed them to me!

Pia K said...

Oh sorry about that, Xtiand, call me the not so evil earring temptress...;)

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