Tuesday, June 02, 2009

apple hook report # 4


I'm the first one to admit I thought these brass apple hooks would be an instant hit amongst the neighbourhood birds (with wings and feathers), and then being quite, quite disappointed when the sadly weren't. I did kind of despair about the usefulness of the investment a while there.

But the magpie showed the way and from then on the wee ones have been sort of thrilled about the challenge the dangling from a brass hook apple offers. The above last week half nibbled red apple now look like the below second servings green apple (on the hook that offers perfect seating for magpies).


The above remains of the second servings green apple have now been replaced with a shiny new red apple. Still nibble free as far as my eye can spot. The first servings red apple will be replaced with a new one tomorrow.

The ones who mainly seem to be feasting on the apples these days is the bird family residing in my neighbour's birdhouse. Living in a bird butcher free garden, still close enough to have free access to fancy apples on brass hooks. And they make quite a thing about the fact that they can easily flap their wings back and forth over the fence just to twitter and tease the less than flying furry bunch on the apple treat side of the paling. They're adorable, even if tad late with showing appreciation with my pretty brass investment.


Follow the (bird nerdy, not) apple hook story from the beginning;


aforkfulofspaghetti said...

I think they're finally catching on... Better late than never!

Kari said...

Oh Pia, that is so wonderful! I copied your idea of hanging an apple ( no beautiful hook) and had no luck at all with birds, just bugs.

Ady Grafovna said...

It looks like the apple hook is working now! Yay!

I keep getting birds in my garden. I should hang up apples so they stay away from my zucchini and herbs!

Lara said...

ha, that is such a nice idea!

Pia K said...

Totally true, afos! And perhaps the not-so-fresh-apple is more appealing to birdies.

Nah, what a pity, Kari - maybe it's all in the pretty brass...;)

Do that, Ady, and let me know how it works!

Yes, the simplest things, Lara:)

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