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I think it was about 10 years or so ago that I began notice that there were a whole lot of clothes appearing in shops that looked like something one might have produced at school's needlework class. In other words the details and finish weren't very neat or professional looking.

It took quite a while before I got use to that certain style of sewing, that look and well, I still can't grasp the notion that just because a garment isn't mass produced it shouldn't be professionally well made. Good seamstresses or tailors have obviously produced wonderfully well-made garments for hundreds of years...

Of course within this range of "needlework class" type of clothes there are different degrees of appeal. And some of these type of clothes I've actually come to appreciate a whole lot, just because they lack that certain mass produced perfect neatness in details. One shop that offers these style of clothes is actually one of my favourite shops in Stockholm - Bric-a-Brac


They - the two women behind the brand that was founded in 1991 - sell both their own design as well as other carefully chosen designs, clothes, accessories, jewellery and shoes. For women, men and adorable children's clothes too. I do like their design label that states they offer "collectable items of artistic character".

The things you buy there always come in sweet tissue wrap and mostly in a very nice paper bag (when it's not raining). And this is what I came home with from the now ongoing summer sales - I love the style of this jersey jacket (organic cotton) - so much in fact that this is, hrm, my fourth one, but really, it's so versatile and goes well both as a comfy casualish wear as well as more dressed up but not boringly anonymous -


which is a reoccuring model in different colours each season. Some have shorter sleeves for summer while others have longer, with or without pockets, with or without collar, in patterns or one colour, with or without a matching skirt and sometimes there's also a dress and long sleeve shirt available in the same fabric. The 1920ies kind of sporty sweet comfy look is totally appealing to me - and I'm so not a sporty animal. But I think it goes well with a good walk and sensible shoes too.


M's first comment on the suit was that "it is very... brown, that's not very you? Pretty. But brown". Myself I believe that brown is such an underrated colour - and yes I do so have brown things in closet - and this is totally chocolatey loveliness with sprinkles!

My (not so) wild guess would be that the Bric-a-Brac design appeals to the intellectual professional of most any age who likes good quality, easy to combine, comfortable, trustworthy clothes but with a twist and personality.

When I last frequented the shop I noticed that Swedish diplomat Pierre Schori apparently also shops there. He being one of few politicians I rather approve of, hence I shop in the right place, with the right crowd. Well, if I cared about anything else than the design, quality and how the clothes fit me that is.

Bric-a-Brac main shop
Swedenborgsgatan 5A, Stockholm
open Mon-Sun


Ady Grafovna said...

I love brown. And that suit is VERY cute!

Pia K said...

Thanks, Ady, glad you thought so too!

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