Saturday, June 20, 2009

whittard of chelsea

I so enjoy stepping into a Whittard's shop whenever in England, the whiffs of tea, coffee and chocolate always noticeable, the decor, the ambiance, the goodies for sale and yes, the prices which aren't half bad. Lots of "sales" and "3 for 2" offers going on most of the time. Or at least every time I pop by.

It's kind of a paradise for gift shopping I think, two large mugs, some tea and possibly a box of shortbread, what gift receiver could ask for more?

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My favourite treat for myself, as well as for gift giving purposes, are the instant teas. I'm not so much a fan of having them during the cold time of the year - apart from the mulled one of course - but they're just perfect for making simple and quick ice tea's in the summer. And it sure doesn't hurt that the tins are so pretty. My favourite flavours so far are cranberry & raspberry, English fruits and mango & passion fruit.

My least favourite buy at Whittard's were the instant hot chocolates, they tasted completely artificial and weirdly dusty.

I love the shop's somewhat eclectic mix of rustic colourful as well as refined china (with or without logo), my super sized colourful plastic bowler glasses are one of my most treasured kitchen wares actually. They're so useful all year around, for smoothies, ice teas or when you're just very thirsty.

It was quite sad to hear about Whittard's financial problems (was it last year, or early this year, memory fails me) and the rather imminent danger of the chain closing down completely. But luckily one of my favourite pop-bys when on the British isles was rescued by a new owner.

Now I think I'll go and enjoy a glass of ice tea, summer in a glass ~



Anonymous said...

*sigh* I'm thirsty now.


Ady Grafovna said...

I just love a good iced tea. And those look like perfect little gifts!

Pia K said...

I hope you had yourself a nice beverage then, Paz:)

Oh they are, Ady, they are!

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