Thursday, June 11, 2009

lilies of the valley & minuscule horses


Sometimes all you need is a tiny milk jug - I know it isn't suppose to be milk in this Edradour jug, but as I firmly believe whisky's only place is in Irish coffee on the odd occasion or possibly in some decadent dessert, it is a milk jug as far as I'm concerned. Period - filled with sweet scented lilies of the valley - love those tiny beauties and their scent right next o the scent of lilacs. And roses. And freesia. And lilies. And... - and two minuscule horses, posing to have a good day.

Sadly the season for these delicate beauties is now over on these latitudes, it was as usual lovely while it lasted. Now one has to rejoice about the green lushness of nature due to all the heavy raining as lately I guess. Nature thrives, plants alike.

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