Thursday, June 18, 2009

rhubarb cream and roses


There are some signs, some things that are nothing less than complete (Swedish) summer to me. One of them being, rhubarb cream - served with milk, one of the easiest, most rewarding meals I know. Summer in a bowl ~


A second sign is rose shrubs heavy of sweet fragrant bloom with an overload of promising little buds. Summer in a delicate scent ~


So despite the rain, once again,
pouring down,
roses and rhubarb cream,
who could ask for more ~


Hawk and Weasel said...

Ahmen gud!

Love your pictures! And cream!

So about my sock dudes; they are hand sewn and cut very randomly. It's very hard to fail when "ugly" is the result you're aiming for..!

Ady said...

How do you make rhubarb cream? I have never had it before...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful signs!

I'd love to taste the rhubarb cream.

I love your rose photo. Beautiful.


Pia K said...

Thanks, Hawk and Weasel, glad you enjoyed! And I will definitely have a go at sock dudes one of these (rainy) days.

Ady, recipe (not that you'll need it it's so darn simple really) to come in a blog near here...:)

Thanks, Paz!

DD said...

Well Pia I like yours comments about the signs of summer. Despite the signs are completely different here, the important is that are signs in each country that mark seasons. Here, because are a large country, are many and different signs in each states. But less clothes, drink some cold during the morning, not eat much during the meals, the blue skye, skin tan, the smell of the trees in Rio de Janeiro ans beaches full color are some of few signs. Food? Well, in Rio de Janeiro, eat on the beach Globo biscuits and drink cold Matte Leao: this is summer for us! and DD

Pia K said...

Thanks for sharing your views of summer for you, DD, sounds lovely!

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