Wednesday, November 03, 2010

give me your chickpea favourites


Preparing a huge bag of dried chickpeas (with imminent due by date). Things are boiling here. (Obviously on many levels.) Most of the cooked chickpeas will end up in the freezer, but with some I'd love to try something new in chickpea way.

I have some favourite chickpea dishes, I have saved many of you fine food-blogger's recipes, I have recipes in cookbooks yet to be tried, I could probably get loads with searching the web in general. But no, I want your favourite recipes. Here and now. Can I have them, please?



Wendy said...

My favourites:

A Bun Can Dance said...

Dear Pia
Oh I love chickpeas too!
I have some favourite recipes and I'll post them to you with your letter. I've written your letter this evening and once I've got a couple of little things together and recipes it will be in the post to you by the end of this week!
One of my favourite chickpea dishes is a curry - do you like curries?
Denise x

Gen said...

I shall send you some of my favourite ones.I love chickpeas! I´m thinking of starting a vegan/vegetarian blog. I just need a bit of time:)

Hawk and Weasel said...

chickpea curry! Fry oninon and curry. add chickpeas and mashed tomatoes and whatever else makes it tasty.

Ellise @ Charles Whyte said...

Hi Pia,

Chickpeas, yummo!

Here is a chickpea and orange salad that is easy to make for vegetarians and non-vegetarians:

And here is an absolute favourite - Moroccan spiced chickpea soup:

Bon appetite!

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