Sunday, November 14, 2010

randomness from the week that was

:: I have all sorts of things I'd like to say, write, share, but it has been a busy week, in weather as in work, in mind as in heart. So the pieces I've written this past week have been short (but I hope still a tad sweet). And the blog posts back log keep a growing...

:: Sadly I don't feel any closer to a good solution of the thing(s) that's troubling me still, the askew piece of the life puzzle. Which makes me feel I'm living my life in limbo. Some days are acceptable, some days are great, some days are fine, but the next day, the next hour things feel suffocating, unacceptable, ridiculous, maddeningly wrong as they are.

:: I did have a couple of job interviews this past week. Both jobs sounded rather nice, but I don't like to get my hopes up, since I'm far too versed in these matters now. The one interview was a bit like having a nice chat with an uncle, I thought the questions and thoughts that came up were a tad unusual and the more I thought about it later the more I got the feeling that the guy probably didn't take me seriously.

:: Which is, needless to say, both exhausting and exasperating. In fact I'd go as far as to say I'm completely dumbstruck as to why even bother to call me late in the afternoon being very eager to see me next morning wanting to know if I could start right away and then not being all that interested in my skills and qualities anyway.

:: I'm more than sick and tired to seemingly not being taken seriously - especially by men of a certain age actually - and I feel trapped (and not in a lovely yarn) in a sticky web that only offers glimpses of what could be, but never let me really get out of this entanglement.

:: The thing that one day seems like, all things considered in current situation, a reasonably good idea (persuade myself to think positive, think positive), the next day, after a night's sleep and a good think-through not at all that good. I can see that me doing this, me doing that can add value for this person, that organisation and so forth, but where's the value for me? What do I get out of it? It's energy guzzling, heartbreaking to constantly having to think like this, to not being able to put my skills and energy to use in a more productive and true way.

:: The sore thumb, wrist is feeling better. I have yet to dare try my luck with needles, hook and yarn again though... Oh how I want to finish some projects and oh how I want to begin that froggy one!

:: I've decided that my perfect amount of people/organisations I follow on Twitter will keep around 300. I have no idea why certain/many tweeps follow thousands upon thousands of people/organisations, not even if you had tweeting as a full-time job would you be able to keep up, interact, be personal on a regular basis with the majority of them. And that interaction, informative and also personal touch is what I like with Twitter.

Yes, I admit I have changed my mind about Twitter, compared to that post in summer of 2009...

As most always I want quality not quantity in my life, to follow such tweeps or be followed by them is completely uninteresting (well, perhaps not of it happened to be Sean Connery. Or Nelson Mandela. And I've just discovered that Grand Designs' Kevin McCloud has a Twitter-account...).

:: I most certainly haven't forgotten the blogoversary give-away (the deadline I've set is to send it before the end of the year). Just so you know. Your postcards, bookmarks, favourite-colour-surprise are all waiting to be sent/made one of these weeks.

:: And even if my unread items in the Google reader is piling up in a terrible pace, I don't really have the heart to push the "marked all as read" button on every blog in that feed. I will pop around for a comment here and there in due time.

:: If you'd like to see/read glimpses of the past week of undersigned then head over to shoe per diem and read about

Tuesday - inauguration of the red boots and the most cute meet with Molly
Wednesday - the apple heart (also mentioned here)
Thursday - floating
Friday - red shoes meet
Saturday - red in red
Sunday - which happened to be Father's day in Sweden. One of those days I don't celebrate per se, the post I wrote about my father a few years ago can be found here.

:: Last, but not least, I have also been working on a new I'm-looking-for-a-job-website, in Swedish only for now but in English to come. Yes simple but at least it shows what I'm looking for job-wise and what I'm (in few words) offering competence-wise. Website can be found at -

och ja, du som har seriösa funderingar, tankar kring, erbjudanden om jobb, uppdrag, projekt efter att ha tittat in där, hör gärna av dig.

:: Also this blog, yes the one that you're reading right now, can also be found via this web address now . Not that it matters all that much, but after being a reliable ally through all these years I thought it kind of deserved its own domain. The usual still works perfectly well too. That's what happened to a couple of the domains I booked a while back. Baby steps for many. But hopefully at least small steps in the right direction for me and my life. Because that I need. Very much.

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Felis said...

Don't worry about the blogoversary giveaway. Now is more important your wrist get well soon. I hope every thing else will be alright after few weeks.

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