Thursday, November 04, 2010

socks galore


Just realised, that even if I can't produce something new or finish off old yarn projects at the moment, I can at least share some magic with the socks I did finish past spring, took pictures of, but didn't show. So, hooray for easy solutions to handmade-by-yours-truly-show-and-tell!

If this winter will be anything like last year - fingers crossed for not really, just a reasonable amount of snow and milder temperatures. Touch wood on that wish - these socks galore will come very handy and perky for the months to come...


Love the pale, sunny colours in these, although in general I do prefer the darker, deeper, more practical colour scheme when it comes to socks...


More paleness, blue-beige,
for days when one feels more subdued.


This pair of quite lovely and bouncy in blue-green I made for M for Christmas - we have basically stopped giving/getting actual Christmas gifts in the family years ago, but still something special and handmade is nice to give/get...


Perky turquoise-orange-blue.


These I'd usually call a complete bland bore.
But I can't help but being smitten by
their melted chocolate ice-cream looks.


The obvious proof of 'the more the merrier',
at least when it comes to colours.


I also did make three pairs of extra long magical socks, for myself only. (And I'll never ever make any that long again, it took forever and from a user-friendly point of view I'm not that pleased with result actually.) This violet-purple-beigey pair with a furry brim being one.

The other two I've decided to add some extra quirky details to. When thumb says go ahead with those last finishing touches. I will say and show as much as they are most perky in colours.


With all the sock knitting that went on last season - I made about 30 pair (sold, gifts, for self) - I believe I'm kind of all socked out. For some quite obvious reasons I don't feel the least bit interested in making anymore socks now... Though that feeling might change if I spot some new colours (magic) or some interesting patterns I suppose.

Previous magic socks (in other colours obviously) can be seen in these posts;

And lest not forget the socks essential companions
the magical wrist warmers


Anne said...

looooove the brown ones!! :)

Felis said...

I love socks. They are one of the reason to try learn to knit.
It's difficult to choose but may by like most chocolate ice-cream.
But they all are gorgeous.

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Pia, there is something magic about your hand knitted socks in our fast throw away society. They all are super schoen!

Hawk and Weasel said...

Such amazing socks! And great photos. Love your way of sock-styling.

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