Tuesday, November 16, 2010

kiviks musteri


Kiviks Musteri
(musteri ~ cider factory) is a family owned Swedish company specializing in making fruit juices, jams, creams, ciders. The company is firmly situated in the southeast of Sweden, in the gorgeous (my favourite) province of Skåne (Scania), in the apple kingdom of Kivik. The company's first apple trees were planted in 1888 and current owners are the forth generation running the company.


To me this sounds like one of those (too few) perfect companies. One I would have loved to be born into actually. That said without me knowing how the company's atmosphere is, how they treat their employees, exactly how good they are at CSR and so forth (as what's stated on a website and how things actually work may be two different matters).


But just the notion of working with local produce, fruit and berries, making a difference in one's own community, act locally think globally sounds so. very. very. very good. Surrounded by row upon row upon row of apple orchards and beautiful countryside.


Today the company also incorporates a wine company and a wine, restaurant and conference castle - Kronovall. (Which in an ideal world would of course serve vegetarian and vegan food only...)


Another thing I love about Kiviks products is the packaging. It's so pretty and pleasing to the eye, the colour combinations are most perky foreboding the uplifting feeling one will get drinking the fruity goodness inside.

And no, I most certainly don't enjoy their every product, some are too sweet for my liking, others too bland. But then there's pure loveliness hiding in some of these bottles, packages and jars, fruit combinations to please most palates. Apart from apples, flavours like rhubarb-raspberry, sea buckthorn, elderflower, carrot, flowering quince, blueberry, cranberry, pomegranate, wild strawberry...

Are there any companies you think stand for something extra appealing?


Want to read and see more about the province of Skåne (Scania)? Then click on the label "Scania" below.

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