Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the beginning of a frog


I couldn't resist the yarn no more. And what better way to start try working the sore thumb again than by very small steps. Like creating a little green frog. It was much easier to get the amigurumi hang than I had thought, so after having finished the head (above) I had to firmly tell my self not to crochet overdo it.

I have since also made a couple of eyelids and half a froggy body. It's fast and it's fun. Though I'm still having trouble seeing how these parts will become one most perky frog named Evert (yes I thought that would be a nifty name for a quirky kind of frog) when all of them have been stuffed and sewn together.

And creating something like this from a pattern is one thing, I'm in so much awe of the people who just free-form amigurumi-ing. That seems an awful long way to go... Yes I may be a fantastic procrastinator but I'm also quite an impatient nature.

Now, there'll be hand and thumb rest. Possibly with a mug of the world's best hot cocoa. Small step for amigurumi mankind, big steps for sore-thumb-amigurumi-beginner-kind. And one day soon, the cats and the dog will be joined by a frog named Evert.


Kea said...

The dog and cat look like cookies. Aren't they?

I'm sure Evert will be a very handsome frog. Perhaps a frog prince. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the color. Beautiful green.


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