Monday, November 29, 2010

woolly bowl of sweets


This may not be everything a gal needs, but it sure helps. A generous amount of magic yarn - I hadn't been to my favourite yarn shop for many months and I fear I may have gone a bit mad of yarn lust recently... But if there are some things I refuse to feel guilt (at least in theory) about shopping, it's books and yarn. Period - and a bowl of M&M's.

They may not be as healthy as carrots, but they sure are health for the soul. And a handful of sweet peanutty M&M's goes a long long way. As do many skeins of yarn.

And kind, caring and warm comments and emails. Thank you kindly for all those. They are truly treasured and amazing. Just so you really know, you who took your time to put thoughts in writing and push the send button. Appreciation lots. I'm sharing this bowl of M&M's with you, in thoughts.

So may this week be a good one.
A much, much, much better one than last week.


Kea said...

Lovely yarn and yummy M&Ms seem like the perfect balm to the blues. And I'd certainly rather have M&Ms than carrots any day. Even if the carrots are glazed with butter and brown sugar. (Okay, that's good too!)

I don't see a lot of yarn that tempts me, but did find some a few weeks ago that said, "Kim, you must buy me, you can't live without me!" So I did, and of course made an easy scarf.

I'm knitting another scarf now (what else?), but the yarn is not so soft and cosy. I've decided that I'm not going to buy wool again unless it's so gorgeous I just don't want to pass it up. There aren't many places in town that carry wool, actually--Wal-Mart, Zellers, Michaels (crafts) and one other wool shop I'm sure I couldn't afford to step in to. :-)

Lola Nova said...

I love peanut m&ms! What a cheerful bunch of magic yarn sitting in the snow! Good for you for finding a bright spot in your day! I am excited to see what becomes of your yarn.

Anonymous said...

lovely colors!


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