Wednesday, November 24, 2010

granny square winter garland


So there, another granny square garland has made it to the finish line (yeah for yet another finished project!). This time a winter version - pretty similiar to the granny square summer garland but with other colours, the more Christmassy kind - that will adorn... well that I haven't quite decided just yet. Thinking the living room window, but we'll see.


It was a nasty windy day today, not very cold per se (-5C) but the harsh winds made it so so much worse. So one might say I really very much risked my life taking these pictures. I think one might even say I'm up there with the Arctic explorers and the likes.


Because that's what those few steps out into the wintry garden felt like. And what was once a carefully put together garland with no knots and mess quickly turned into just that. A complete tangle.


Good thing I got a helping loaf, with lots of helping paws. We managed to entangle the mess again later. Or well, loaf being a spectator, encouraging me to get on with it so he could get a well-deserved spectator snack. Which, as always, naturally was an immense help.



Kea said...

Congratulations on completing the lovely garland. It's perfect for the holidays.

Loaf dog is such a cutie and of course such a great help!

mangocheeks said...

It is so lovely and very different from Christmas garlands.

A Bun Can Dance said...

Dear Pia
Thank you for popping by. My dress is chocolate brown - not black! Oh no! Don't think I'll ever want to go back to wearing black in the foreseeable future - colour is so much more... well, authentic, don't you think?
I love your granny square garland and I feel I really must get to grips and learn how to make granny squares. I know that I can on the inside, it's just a case of sitting down and concentrating... hmmmm.
I love that Malte helped you with the photo shoot and he does look so very gorgeous with a snowy nose.
Keep warm dear, and cosy,
Happy weekend,
Denise x

heidikins said...

Oh goodness, that is absolutely adorable. Love!


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