Monday, November 01, 2010

monday misery

gargoyle and me

This thumb, wrist, arm muscle inflammation issue is such a painful nuisance. I try and keep the writing to a minimum (writing by hand and not on keyboard is pretty much a complete no-no), the photography too, I can't knit nor crochet at all, I can't really spend much time cooking - strange how much you take that thumb grip for granted - and I can't take care of the litter boxes (which is fine by me, but not M).

And I can't show and blog-tell about any nifty projects involving paint and old furniture, fabrics or yarn and such. Because I can neither, finish old nor begin any new ones.

As I'm beginning this month of November with a misery-post I might as well throw in the fact that I'm so very, very, very sick and tired of the stupidity in people who thinks one (read me) needs something to "occupy" one during the days, "proper" chores to keep one's idle little poor mind engaged to keep alienation at bay.

It's pathetic and laughable if it wasn't such a sad and ire instigating issue. I'm quite happy being me, like I am - just the notion that one needs a 9-5 occupation in a workplace away from home, with loads of colleagues, to be a complete and worthy person is so beyond my conceptualization of the world, always have, always will be -

I have loads of chores, things, thoughts and people to occupy me, make me grow as a person, BUT I would actually very much appreciate being taken seriously and given the chance to actually get on with my life, use my many-sided skills, get the kind of job I want and a salary that's reasonably.

And with that sorted I would be able to do much more good for other beings too. Instead of most always, as things are, being tied down by stupid restrictions (moneywise and other). Gah, the utter insanity of situation!

On the bright side, I met this fancy fella above - with a look that, come to think of it, totally matches my wrath - recently. On the day I inaugurated my fine shoes. Oh it was such a cute meet. I wish for more such to come. Regularly, please. Pun, no romance intended.


Felis said...

I sorry to hear you're still bad. Someone say that Аrnica Cream and cup of Chamomile tea before go to sleep help? Hope you fell better soon.

Kea said...

Geez, I thought it was that a woman needed a husband and--shudder--children to be complete. (I wasn't in the line up for the "maternal" gene, can you tell?)

Since when does one need a 9 to 5 job to be productive and creative and fulfilled? Rather, I think most 9 to 5 jobs stifle all of those.

Sending you lots of positive healing energy, that you are better soon!

heidikins said...

Oh man, that's terrible. I really hope your arm/wrist/thumb get feeling better soon!


A Bun Can Dance said...

I totally agree with you about what makes a great lifestyle and what definitely does not. I've not had full time paid work for nearly 4 years and this bemuses many people. However, I've never been happier nor more certain of who I am. Keep strong to your own values and dreams, Pia, and I know the right 'job' will be there for you when the time is right.
Big hugs,
Denise x

Pia K said...

thanks for the tip about arnica cream, felis, as the thumb seem to be sore on a regular basis these days i will look into that asap!

thanks, heidikins!

and thank you both, kea and denise, for those positive words!! i'm so glad we agree on the matters:)

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