Tuesday, November 09, 2010

mad men me according to m & m

After having so much fun in creating the imaginary Mad Men me yesterday, I thought it would be fun to get M - who gnarled at the idea in that way only grumpy old men gnarl about such matters - Man Men his notion of me and himself.

madmen me according to m

So this is apparently what I should look like from his point of view. Fine by me. (And lucky him that I think so.)

madmen m

He on the other hand sees himself like this. Which I kind of disagreed with while he was doing it. But I see is totally accurate when all the components were put together. He was most pleased with the accessories newspaper and whisky.

Mad Men Yourself here.


Kea said...

I had to take a look at that site -- it's fun! I have no idea what Mad Men is though. Television program? (I really don't keep up--to-date on TV, movies, pop culture in general).

Poppy Q said...

Great pictures. I am just working my way through series 3 of mad men at the moment. I never quite understood it as I only watched a few random episodes, but watching the dvds makes it much easier to follow.

Have a great weekend.

Julie and Poppy Q

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