Friday, November 12, 2010

heart animal lover scarf


Another scarf one couldn't resist - in the same raw edges unisex jersey style as the lovely chrysanthemum scarf and the autumnal acorn piece - the printed heart actually consists of different animal groups like a skulk of foxes, a troubling of goldfish, a romp of otters. So imaginative and most of the collective names I've never heard of before (and it certainly makes the Swedish language seems strangely tame, washy and dull). A wedge of swans, a streak of tigers, an army of caterpillars. What a lovely, lovely idea this print is!

Though admittedly I'd love it even more if the print was all over the scarf, instead of only in that one big heart. Because when wearing the scarf the text wrinkles and doesn't show as well as one would like... Since I want the parliament of owls, the peep of chickens, the flamboyance of flamingos to shine and be obvious.


Go get your own heart animal piece at Xenotees on Etsy,
there are T-shirts too
(and yes other prints other than this fine one).



Kea said...

You find such unique items! Maybe you could hire yourself out to do other people's gift shopping. LOL.

Love that last photo--and I'm impressed there are flowers still in bloom!

Pia K said...

thanks, kea! and actually, i have thought about just that a lot, to do gift-shopping with a conscience for others, quirky, unusual, personilized, eco gifts etc. i could definitely see myself as that too...:)

well, those flowers are more dead than alive now, a matter of just showing the flowers who haven't turned brown yet, hm...

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