Friday, November 19, 2010

lego boxes


I won't be using these oversized Lego bricks as the lunch boxes they're meant to be, but as trinket boxes (can't have too many of those...). Their design makes me very happy. Wish they came in more colours and reasonable sizes. But for now, one baby blue, one pink.

I did play with Lego when I was a kid too. My father totally enjoyed it too, although his skills in designing fancy houses far surpassed mine and somehow demolish them wasn't on the little-Pia-agenda and my interest for Lego petered.

When in Berlin past summer I visited a friend whose little boy - I'm not easily charmed, but he was really one of the quirky sweetest children I've ever met, a much loved well-behaved 4 year old, full of character and fascinating thoughts - who had so much fun with Lego. As we played I realized I could get really absorbed by all the possibilities with these creative plastic boxes in different sizes... But no, I think I'll just stick with a couple of happy looking trinket boxes that make me smile. The grown up Lego style.


Anonymous said...

How fun-looking. I like the colors. Haven't played with Legos in ages.


A Bun Can Dance said...

Ah Lego. I love it. Can't get enough of it. Though, I do much prefer the old fashioned version of our childhood which was bricks, base boards, wheels, windows, doors and not much else. I find the kit form of lego which is so much promoted nowadays - much less creative.
But yes, bring on the lego - I can spend hours and days absorbed in lego creativity :-)
Happy times

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