Sunday, November 21, 2010

by winter candlelight


Despite snow (in constant on-off mode) the days are glum, dark and dreary (and no this is not just an within thing). Just today I saw that in a month there'll be Winter solstice and from then on everything will get lighter and brighter by the day (of course). So just some weeks to go now.

But there's one pleasant thing to be much enjoyed (amongst other pleasantries) this time of the year. The doing things by candlelight (the cat-safe way). Or just the being by candlelight. It's sadly now been many years since the last time we did the dipping of our own candles (I mostly use tea-candles these days. And of course scented candles). It was so much fun, so satisfying, and the smell of stearine, mmm... But now I do feel an distinct urge to try and make than happen again. Soon. Apart from the satisfying fun, the quality and burn time were much more pleasing too.

Do you make your own candles?


Kea said...

I've never made candles. I used to burn them quite a bit, though, tea lights and tapers, even with Chumley and Annie. They were good about that. But Nicki can't be trusted, Mr. Brat that he is, he's into EVERYTHING. So I haven't burned candles in over 3 years now. I still have some on hand, though, in case of emergencies, and do have a couple of tea light lanterns that probably would be safe with Nicki...okay, might be safe. 50-50 chance; lol.

BTW, I, too, am SO looking forward to the Solstice, and the daylight slowly increasing again.

Gen said...

So cute! I can´t believe Christmas is coming... again. Time seems to fly.

Gloria said...

I made candles for the past 6 years and it was great therapy...made the house smell wonderful too. I also make soaps (stopped making candles, although some people keep asking me for them) and I will be making some soaps soon for the holidays...they do make great gifts with Christmas scents too. I enjoy all kinds of arts and crafts, and go from one thing to the next, keeps me busy.
Smile today. :)

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