Sunday, November 28, 2010

the cat's day

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Today, the first of Advent - I hope you're having a lovely one - and coincidentally one loaf dog extraordinaire's name day - the Swedish calendar screams Malte, Malte, Malte on this day of November 28. For that he got a bacon dog-chew - it is the Cat's Day in Sweden.

Instated in 1983 (by SVERAK - Sweden's Catclubs' Association) this is the day to acknowledge the perfect being that is spelled c-a-t, educating, promoting good cat keeping - every cat knows that every day is cat's day, but sadly far from every human do. Only in Stockholm there are many tens of thousands of homeless cats faring badly in harsh living conditions. Especially now, in this grim winter weather... -

and for us cat-lovers simply celebrate that we are so fortunate and blessed with the cats in our lives. Past, present and future.


Gen said...

It´s heartbreaking to know there are so many strays in Sweden,too. We have a big amount of feral cats colonies in Spain and just a few organisations that try to spay/neuter, feed and give shelter to as many cats as possible. People must be taught that animals are sesitive beings that have as much right to live as any of us. I think that the Cat´s Day is a lovely idea.

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

Any cat day is a good day for me. Oh how I miss my cats.

Pia K said...

when we were in athens last year, it was truly heartbreaking to see all those feral cats in the middle of a big city, much worse than in sweden i'd say and still it's far from an acceptable situation here... thank you for a lovely comment, gen!

oh, but where are your cats, what happened to them, jacqueline?? didn't you have two, an older and a young girl?

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