Thursday, September 08, 2011

6th blogoversary ~


Another year in blog, with blog, has passed. It has hold a plethora of high- as well as low-points - I'm still waiting for 2011 to show its true face of light, heart and butterflies... - one high being the Blog of Note acknowledgement. Which was definitely truly lovely, even if things have since calmed down to pretty much the same as before BoN-day, via that came new fine friends, so for that I feel only happy gratitude.

To celebrate this 6th blogoversary I'm having a little giveaway again. Three readers who leave a comment in this post, and it would of course be nice to hear why you like to come here and spend some reading time, will take part in the draw to win a set of 3 postcards and 1 bookmark -

similar to the ones for sale in the Prosit shop on Etsy, yes you can always hop over there to find something to fit your mood, I'm about to list new motifs and you're always welcome to ask if you have something special in mind, I will do my best to see if I can find it in my photo-stash

Please leave your comment no later than September 22, 2011 and you'll participate in the draw (the little drawers will be, depending on their mood du jour, bobbaloos, little loafie or plush kitties aka snoopervisors).

Happy 6th blogoversary
in "The World According to Pia" ~


Elephant's Child said...

I love to come by to see the beautiful things you share with us. Today's photo of the flowers is a classic example. And pictures of the loaf doggie or the felines will win me over every time.

DahnStarr said...

Having you express your feels whether it be good or bad makes your blog interesting. Its real. The ones that are sugar sweet every entry are sicking and dull. (I'm stunned that you have been at this for six years.)

Felis said...

Happy 6th blogoversary Pia!
Thank you that allow us to be part of your world!
I like colors in "The World According to Pia", colors in your photos, in your knitting project, in your words. All these little happiness or sadness parts, that share with us!

Lola Nova said...

Happy happy blogoversary! It is your honesty, sincerity, and gorgeous photos that I love.

Angella said...

Happy Anniversary to The World of Pia! It was so odd the way I found this blog...I rarely visit the Blogs of Note page...and just so happened to skip over there the day you were honored. I clicked on the link expecting the typical blah blah blah about food, fashion, and makeup. I cannot explain to you the magic I felt when I saw your top picture. The one with the hammock. That photo is my version of heaven and I still dwell on it every time I read your blog. I loved, immensely, reading (backwards) your history...your life that you share with us. And as an added bonus, your blog has introduced me to Etsy, Kit Lane and the Bobbaloos, as well as magnificent shoe and sock combinations, loaf dogs, toads, and your unique photography. I hope to be reading/enjoying your blog for years to come.

Kea said...

Belated happy Blogovesary!

Six years is a long time to keep doing this--often life "stuff" gets in the way--so congratulations! I do hope I'll be around for your 12th blogoversary.

Peace and universal Blessings, Pia. I hope the weekend is a lovely one for you.

Kim (and the "boys" too)

Unknown said...

Happy six Blogoversary! I have enjoyed following your blog since your post on International Womens Day. I enjoy all your photos, the Bobbaloos and your candid writing syle. Keep on Blogging!

Shaheen said...

Wow, Happy 6th Blogiversary.

We are both having a poor year, but let me wish you warmth and hope the next few months, if not then may next year be a more memorable one x. Being selected for Blogs of note is great - well done.

PS Please do not enter me into the draw. I was a winner last year and it would be good for others to win this year.

Delena said...

Your blog is very interesting.
Happy Blog anniversary!!

katie said...

I love to read your blog because it feels like I'm meeting with an old friend for tea when I read it. Perhaps it is your manner of writing (very comfortable and honest). Whatever the case, I love reading your blog every day :-)

viridiana said...

Happy blog-birthday!
I love your photos, your cats and your writing - you manage to write so good in a foreign language... sadly I can barely throw in three or two sentence in english :(

John D. said...

Happy Belated Blogoversay, Pia! I don't make the blog rounds much anymore, but I always enjoy your beautiful photography of lovely things. : )

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