Sunday, September 11, 2011

big yellow rabbit


The city of Örebro - about 1,5 hours drive west of Stockholm - has during three years held a summer art exhibition called Örebro Open Art. Over a few months the art project, with some 50 artists from around the  world participating, has changed the face of the cityscape.

Apparently it has not been enjoyed by everyone and some citizens have seen it fit to vandalize and remove some of the open air art pieces. Yes, some pieces are definitely more enjoyable than others, but tastes differ and to destroy people's work like that, not being able to see the deeper meaning of some of the pieces that may not be obvious to the eye, such behaviour is simply despicable, narrowminded and nasty. It makes me sick. Instead of perhaps learn something from the art, displayed during three months only, grasp other realities, see a deeper truth, let's destroy. Ain't that just typical human behaviour.


The pieces will be dismantled on September 11, so this weekend was the last chance to see the exhibition. The piece de resistance being a huge yello bunny seemingly dropped by a giant child smack in the middle of the grand town square - oh I've been wanting to see its fabulasticness irl all summer, since I first caught a glimpse of it on Instagram.


Unfortunately it was a market day on Saturday, market stalls and lots of people around, it was sadly impossible to get those smooth performance photos I had dreamed of. But at least you get an idea of the bunny's size and location. I think it's absolutely precious, awesome, funny -


the strategic placement with the church and the statue of Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson, the Swedish rebel and statesman from the 15th century said to been part of the first Swedish parliament in 1435, inspecting the bunny's behind, it makes us question how we perceive a city -


and overall completely and utterly wonderful. The artist behind the bunny is a Dutch fellow named Florentijn Hofman, he certainly get all my thumbs up for creating this piece! (Needless to say the bunny project get a BIG bobbaloo stamp of approval too.)


At the end of the exhibition the bunny was for sale (for 500 000 sek), had I lived differently, had I been rich in money, I wouldn't have minded having it in my yard, I wouldn't have minded at all... I hope it gets a good and loving home, perhaps being reunited with the giant child who dropped it in the town square, and enjoyed over many years to come.


I think we all need more oversized bunnies (yellow or not) dropped into our lives to be happier and kinder beings.



Fuzzy Tales said...

Now that will put a smile on anyone's face! I confess I've never seen a giant yellow bunny, and am a bit envious that you have such fun and unusual events (art, etc.) nearby! My small city has a vibrant arts/theatre/music community, of course, but definitely no giant yellow bunnies. :-)

Elephant's Child said...

There are mindless vandals the world over. Our local council has been buying and erecting public art for a few years now. Some of them I love, others not so much. And some of them are regularly defaced and/or broken. If I wasn't already it would make me ashamed to be human.

Growing Up Gramma said...

So nice to see something so happy today.

nic said...

Here the vandals are so numerous, they even break young trees so by now the council has had a giant steel "tree" installed instead.It "grows" everything from plastic bags to 2l soft drink bottles in its crown....public art of a different kind...I prefer yellow bunnies.

P.K said...

This bunny is brilliant. The placement of this giant bunny is humous and thought provoking. I love it.

Jagger said...

That is AMAZING!!!!
I love it so much. That is an achievment.

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