Wednesday, September 21, 2011

tofu socks


Today was the inauguration of the tofu socks - same style as the bookworm ones but more pleasing for us gals with athletic calfs. Sidenote: "athletic" is such a nice word here, the description of muscular calfs in Swedish is just plain insulting - "stout". The lack of decent synonyms really is appaling at times - and it was truly love at first wear. They're really comfy, stretchy, warm, in a pleasing colour and giving a quirky fabulous statement.

Yay for fine socks, Sock Dreams rock!

And another yay for having no visible grey wisps no more and a fresh haircut, not a huge change since I'm comfortable with this look and just want to see it grow in length, but stil,l a bit of a different fringe snip. Very pleased with result.

Tofu socks and a decent haircut, what more can one ask of a pretty decent day.



Suman said...

When the title 'Tofu socks' first appeared on my blog list, for a moment I thought - "Pia must have baked a lovely tofu cake in the shape of socks!" Guess I was still hungover with that neat horsie cake from your last post. :-)
But yes, truly a great pair of socks. And the colour too!

The Elephant's Child said...

Great socks. And glad to hear that the day was pretty good too. My smaller portion calls tofu bean turd. He is wrong.

Fuzzy Tales said...

And I was thinking, in my very tired state today, that someone had somehow made socks out of tofu--literally. :-D

Well, I quite like the socks. To call my calves (my legs, period) "stout" would be kind. I can change my weight, but I can't change my genetics.

Even better is to be happy with your hair cut and colour!

Sienna said...

Great Socks, Great shoes and a great look--You are ready to take on the world! Go get 'em!

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