Thursday, September 22, 2011

kitten wishes


I'm a big believer in not wanting to jinx matters and potential plans by talking and telling about them - although from experience I do know, I really do, that the talking/telling or not have done nothing in ways of pros and cons to any plans and matters, some things happen or not, whether you keep hush or talk about them beforehand. Still the not jinxing is something I think about anyway... - so let's call what I'm about to write now; this is one matter I wish for this winter. So not to obviously jinx it.


That I miss having kittens I've already said, now I wish for little miss dotty tummy Siri (top girl) and mister blue-white Rutger to have a favourable rendez-vous sometime soon.


And if it isn't wishing for too much I'd wish the same with little shiny miss Viola and water boy extraordinaire Pelle.

february 10, 2011 - pelle again

And needless to say I then wish for a reasonable number of kittens - whom would be the sixth respectively the seventh generation of kittens from my British Shorthair breeding, and welcome to share digs if the mothers so wish - that they are healthy, sound, happy, clever and that they at the age of 12 weeks are ready to move to those loving, caring good new homes they deserve.

Just a few wishes I have for autumn, winter to come...

s-kull 386


Elephant's Child said...

What a wonderful wish to cherish. Yay. I really, really hope it comes true.

pärlbesatt said...

Ja, låt det små pissungar att bli suktad av om så bara på bild! Passar bra, så här på min födelsedag. :)

Esme said...

Those are some handsome kitties you wish is a lovely one

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