Sunday, September 25, 2011

the bobbaloo gaggle effect


Time has come to tell about the wee woolly ones who saw it fit to migrate to Sweden during the summer that was. Well, some of them did arrive quite recently, but since it's Indian summer still... A proper introduction, so noone feel left outside. And that I'm addicted very fond of bobbaloos we've already established, so no need to point out the obvious, okay? Let's just enjoy their adorableness, personalities and last but not least, their little heinies.

Walter and Sherman, the Berlin boys

When in Berlin I was waiting for the lunch to arrive at department store KaDeWe's top floor Wintergarten restaurant (which I btw highly recommend a visit too) when I casually browsed the iPhone for possible WiFi - if not at a Starbuck's or hotel you rarely get that - so my great surprised it connected and as casually as I browsed for Internet connection I browsed The Shop. There were bobbaloos for sale. Squee. Clearly the settlement lacked ursabobs - poor Rodney with his sweet-tooth being the only one that far - so Sherman was soon on his way to Sweden accompanied by Walter. They sound like the perfect radar couple in a political talk-show - so far they have not really lived up to those names, but I'm okay with that.

Chubs is very happy about someone clearly her li'l brother having arrived                                               

Rodney is educating Sherman about the importance of eating lots of cakes

Needless - or not, pun not initially intended - to say both Walter and Sherman has perfect wee butts

Zanna and Weegurt met Rutger and it wasn't scary at all, or at least not as scary 

You can not put a jacabob up for adoption named Weegurt - pink or not - and not think I'd jump for buy/joy. Weegurt was accompanied by a feisty orange friend named Zanna. Zanna has the most amazing mixed orange colour and Weegurt is sweetness bobbaloified.


Wilco and Wilby - with a curious threesome Chubs, Nilla and Walter in the background

A great horned bobbaloo has been on my wishlist, when I spotted Wilco I knew he was the one. He was to travel alone so when I opened the parcel and find him travelling with a wee colourful friend named Wilby I was delighted. *thank you kindly D*


Perfect from every angle of course


Q and Squink

I might, just might, have mentioned to Kit that a Questionable DNA bob was also on my wishlist - no sooner did one appear reserved for me. Q traveled with jacabob Squink - because seriously, they travel best in twos, obviously.


And then, for a while, everything was peaceful and content in the Swedish bobbaloo settlement. Until. Until there were rumours about some tiny and fabulastically named bobbaloos soon to appear in shop. I the bob gaggle sat in front of computer eagerly watching the shop until those two appeared.

Miffwinkle and Wifflesteinborgen - with Kismet in the background

Wifflesteinborgen and Miffwinkle, ah, such names would simply be wasted living anywhere but in the Stockholm, Swedonia bobbaloo settlement. Also called Tinier and Tiniest.


Magnolia with li'l brother Wifflesteinborgen

And then there was Magnolia, purely accidental. But who in their right mind can resist someone pink and green - and the perfect opposite colour match to Wifflesteinborgen? Not an addict someone very very fond of bobbaloos.


So at the moment the gaggle consists of an uneven number. As everyone (bobbaloo or not) needs a special friend I'm looking into solutions to fullfill that need. Until then they take their different turns to tag along on outings and eat lots of cake - for some reason they generally seem to prefer that before other vegetarian options - and seem content with life in this settlement. Although I've heard whispers about them thinking a proper dwelling for bobbaloos, a roof of their own, would be something highly appreciated. Who knew beings so small could be so demanding? It must be the gaggle effect.


Elephant's Child said...

Many, many smiles to start my day. Thank you. And of course a thank you to the beautiful bobbaloos.

Unknown said...

They are all so handsome. Yes they do need a home just for them. They already have their sleeping pouches! Time they were rewarded with their own home, they bring such joy to you, and to all that have met them!!

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