Tuesday, September 13, 2011

tuesday views


The basic mood du jour is still as blue as yesterday - thanks for all inputs, thoughts, suggestions, perspectives, treasured all, please keep them coming, those grains of gold! - but a few things that made me feel a tad better today were:

~ bobbaloos, but then they always do

~ the thought of going to the hairdresser tomorrow for some colour and snips. The appointment got cancelled some weeks ago and I simply haven't had the energy to book a new one. Who cares about grey hairs and scruffy looks anyway... But now when the opportunity rose again, I decided to grab it, because I know I always feel much better afterwards

~ many cups of tea

~ a crocheting project that slowly slowly grows into something

~ a tropical storm named Katia has apparently reached Sweden, and it has been very much alive here on the east coast still all day and evening. It's not that I enjoy a storm per se, but somehow, all this wind, the windchimes hard at work, keeps the worries at bay

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The Elephant's Child said...

Bobbaloos always make me smile too. And the cats. And dawn. And wobbling round the garden, and so many people (including you) in the blogosphere.
Sending blue lifting wishes.

Becky said...

A cut and color must be on my list of things to do this weekend as well. As I am soon to be the "mother of the bride!" That is one of the things that can make me smile right now! My Little Miss Alyssa is getting married on the 24th! Which means I will get to go home and hug my little granddaughter and go wedding crazy for a week!

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