Tuesday, September 06, 2011

perky pot holders


My little tentative step back into the soothing, wonderful world of yarn began with one pot holder. That one pot holder soon became three. Granny squareish, very perky and easy to make, satisfaction guaranteed.

I still feel a slight soreness in, especially, the right hand, but if I keep the crocheting and knitting in small portions - easier said than done once you get into it and watching TV without having your hands occupied with yarny business... it just seems such a waste of time somehow - I think it'll be alright.

The pot holders obviously have a very large bobbaloo stamp of approval - since they're just supersized magical sleeping pouches really - and their colour awesomeness makes me smile.


I have quite a lot of yarn left for more pot holders and I'm thinking I should get a few more hanks in other colours to spice things up - I mean a variety of ten colours or so can accomplish so much more delight for the eyes than six, right? Right.


I'm also thinking that perhaps I should get some use out of that Big Cartel shop I registered a while back - Etsy really isn't my cup of craft tea when it comes to selling this kind of stuff, perhaps BC is more my venue... - and list a few of these. (Note, no bobbaloos included in possible purchase.)



Apart from yarn I had left from last season I wasn't able to resist a few more hanks recently, so a few more perky pot holders aside, I'm planning to turn this yarn into


a green-blue-brown-yellow wool scarf - same yarn as in the heather hues shawl, but I will knit instead of crochet, to save the amount of yarn needed for a fairly large scarf. Since crocheting has a tendency to gobble down a lot of yarn. -


I will try and make something small and simple with three cottons hanks in that pretty ripple pattern - which I've admired for so long but still haven't tried myself. I have no idea what kept me, the comfort zone of granny squares perhaps? Or newfound (before sore hand struck) love of amigurumi?


Last but certainly not least, this pretty handdyed blue-green wool yarn I got on Åland. Yes it will be a scarf too - since you can't have too many of those... - I'm thinking something simple and possibly in a lace pattern, maybe similar to the autumn rainbow scarf I made for my mum a couple of years ago.

See, not only working with yarn, but thinking about, looking at and writing about it does give some moments of hope, peace and calm from the misery and blah. Ah, the magic of yarn.

Do you have any special yarn projects in mind for this autumn/winter?


Angella said...

I am hoping to knit a purse! I'm a beginner and haven't ventured into a project more complicated than a basic scarf. I found a great combination of yarns in earth tones and stumbled across a pattern for a knitted hobo bag at a yard sale. So....wish me luck! (and your pot holders are so darn cute! I love the color combinations)

Unknown said...

I just started a zig-zag rainbow blanket for my 4 year old. It's still really hot here, so it seems silly to make a blanket at the moment, but it will probably be cold(ish) by the time I finish it. :)

Elephant's Child said...

I'm a non knitter, and my hands are refusing to let me play any crafts at the moment, but this bright and beautiful post set me yearning. Truly lovely colours. And I loved the bobbaloos on their magic carpets. Here is hoping that flickers of happiness and hope continue.

Felis said...

What wonderful colors! Color Therapy! This in the middle of second photos is my favorite, but liked all! I planned to finish a scarf for present, in the beginning of winter. But this year I do not have mood for any of my hobbies, and knit very slow, only time to time. So will not be ready... Hope your hands will feel good!

Fuzzy Tales said...

I'm trying to finish a little afghan for my mom for Christmas--not big enough for her bed, but more just a cosy blanket for evenings in her den, watching TV (while *she* knits).

The act of knitting does seem rather soothing, a mindless, therapeutic creative endeavour.

Anonymous said...

i love your pot holders!!!!!

Pia K said...

that purse sounds great, angella! i hope there's good progress and i'd love to see a pic when it's finished:)

i loved you zigzag blanket, julianna, as you already know:)

thank you kindly, elephant's child, you have your wonderful garden instead, i would not be able to create such magic in a garden that you have. it's good that there are so many different things that allows us to be creative and also gives relaxation and soothes.

thank you, felis, you always leave such sweet comments! i hope you've found time and inclination to finish that scarf and i'd love to see a pic of the finished piece:)

remember to show a pic of that li'l blanket in blog, kea:)

thank you, paz!

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