Friday, September 02, 2011

a bouquet of bobbaloos


Today I saw the most curious of things, in fact it was magical. One of my lovely chrysanthemums had suddenly turned into a bobbalooanthemum of sorts. I'm not really sure what you would call bobbaloos congregating like this - I might have to look into the animal lover scarf for an appropriate concept - but that aside, my heart melted at the sight. (The more the merrier, even if the spring bouquet was sweet too.)


They had a blast amongst the flowers and I had a good laugh. I needed that.




Then we had plumcake and tea - in cups I've inherited from my childhood, 'Be British Drink Tea' - and for a moment all was well in the world, my world.

Wishing every fine soul a wonderful weekend,
autumnal for some, spring for others,

treat yourselves to something special ~


Growing Up Gramma said...

What a perfect bouquet!

Elephant's Child said...

They did look glorious in the bouquet. But I detected some yearning towards plum cake too.
Have a great weekend.

pärlbesatt said...

Guuud så söt bukett!! Och hur många är de nu?? De tycks ha förökat sig exponentiellt?

Fuzzy Tales said...

The bobbaloos certainly give cheer, don't they? And such a lovely bouquet. I hope you have a wonder-full weekend also!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bobbaloos for cheering me up:)

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