Monday, September 05, 2011

monday bits

First of all, thank you so much for all the kind, well-composed, personal comments to yesterday's post. They all warmed my heart very much (and made me cry some more...). If possible I would send an email and say a personal thank you - and that doesn't just go for this particular post, but for every lovely comment - to everyone. Instead I say a big and heartfelt group-thank-you for sending good thoughts, good vibes my way!

:: If I was in another financial situation I would of course give a huge finger to everything, everyone employment office-like, the only reason for all these soul-crushing activities while continously searching for a decent income source (where I can be happy, shine and do good for others) is because in the Swedish "welfare"system (awry) I have to in order to get the measly money one gets as benefits (for which I've paid and keep paying taxes). Bills have to be paid. While souls get crushed. And my middle fingers itch something terribly.

:: The current hollowness when writing about bright things comes from me not feeling what I write. It's not that I can't write about it, it's just that I don't feel completely comfortable with it, two separate lives, two mes. One that is pulped by the utter stupidity of today's Swedish society, one that wants to enjoy the small things she usually does but really can't muster that joy.

:: Watched the second to last Harry Potter on DVD today - I know, we are terribly late watching it... and we wanted to see it before we hopefully will make it to the cinema to watch the last one on screen. Better late than never - it was quite enjoyable. And dark. Which fitted my mood. And made me think about the mini-Voldemorts I'm fighting at least don't have magic powers and wands.

:: Now, if I could rest my weariness and instead dream a little here in blog - and no, it's not about climbing victory monuments, even if, granted, that would be a nice analogy - I have two companies I would love to work with/in.

One of them has only a very small organisation in Sweden ~ Innocent ~ and well, after my last post about their wonderful fruit drinks (which I've adored for many years) I did have a brief and interesting contact with their Swedish office. From that contact nothing happened. So hey Swedish Innocent-office, if you happen to read this post too, feel more than free to contact me again!

The other one is, naturally, El Naturalista. Why they haven't set up a flagship store of their own in Stockholm - since Sweden is quite the eco-conscious as well as design-interested country - is beyond me. Probably simply because they're looking for the perfect store manager. Namely me of course.

~ Not only would I be able to work with something I love; colourful, quirky, comfortable shoes in eco-conscious design.

~ I would get paid for talking about shoes all day and getting others to see the uttermost sense in buying the bestest of shoes too.

~ It would also be the perfect excuse to finally start brushing up on my Spanish again.

~ And hey, how about looking into making shoes of recycled leather too?

Oh this scenario would really get my creative juices flowing!

:: My inner spark is still dislocated. However with thinking and writing about fruit drinks and shoes, I felt a momentary minuscule sparkle.

:: Another minuscule sparkle - or rather two - arrived today. Yes, there's no end to the bobbaloomania in this house. (And I haven't even properly introduced the ones who have moved in during the summer, shame on me...).

Meet Miffwinkle and Wifflesteinborgen - of course bobs with such names were born with my address label around their non-existing necks! Could. not. resist. would. have. been. sad. if. I've. missed. - tiny new arrivals. Their pretty cardboard box was squashed upon arrival, but they were all good, alive and smiling when they crawled out of it.


They jumped right into a pretty perky photo session.
More of that tomorrow, if sparkle allowed.


The Elephant's Child said...

Still feeling your pain. Still wishing I could magic it away. Loving the bobbaloos, they made me smile as did the image of them crawling triumphant out of their crushed box.
Cyber hugs.

Felis said...

First : welcome on sweet new bobbaloos!

Second: I'm very disappointed I had not the opportunity to watch Harry Potter on the cinema :(, so I wait DVD.

And other: obviously a taxes are most stupid things no matter where you live! I hate that I have to fell in loop, even when I not want to be a part from this system. I don't understand why I pay for health, when this is only to can search medicine help and pay on doctors another taxis even for cold.
And good things: I hope Еl Naturalista to give you chance! Just go and Introduce yourself face to face! May be is too insistent and is not in your style, but will be worse to miss this chance, if I understand right and they're looking for manager.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should just approach El Naturalista with your suggestions - nothing to lose, right?

Poppy Q said...

Miss Pia,
maybe it is our age,but I am having similar frustrations about work and wish that I too could have a more dream job that would make me happy. Being sick again isn't helping either.

Me - I'd love a great design store.

Miss P, you have great taste in wonderful flat shoes, I think you should travel to Germany and buy all the cute cheap Birkenstocks and sell them online. We can't buy sweet ones like you bought here in NZ. You could sell them on Ebay and make some funds.

Good luck sweetie.

Julie and Poppy Q

Lost Star said...

Simply *hugs*

I'm sorry that things are not so good.

Oddly enough, I just got a no-go on an application I sent to Innocent UK. It's the second one I've made (two different jobs, a year apart) but I still lack the experience they require. As it appears I do in any job right now... :s

Anyway. Sending many hugs your way!

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