Friday, September 23, 2011



Just as it was time for a well-composed weekend (which I haven't had for ages, the well-composed kind) life saw it fit to hit me with a bug-virus-infection-flu thing. So I'm sporting a sore throat, headache, cough, aching teeth and nausea thus will probably not doing anything else than resting, drinking apple juice and eating spicy green curry vegetables. Quite quite disappointed am I. Since it was a weekend with both plans and weather being very favourable. Ah well, haven't been ill since May, so perhaps it was just about time, with all the Autumn-colds and viruses around. The initial sore throat-nausea part is the part of a flu-cold thing I hate the most, so I'm hoping the snotty part will set in soon. End of annoying illness musings.

Have a lovely weekend, hope you're well and perky, 
and get to spend it the way you want!


PS Cake is always a nice ingredient in a well-composed weekend, even if over-indulging never really is such a good idea as it seems initially... DS


The Elephant's Child said...

Hoping you get better v quickly. Those delicacies looked very good indeed. And with the bobbaloo seal of approval too.

Sienna said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Weekends are sacred! We all look forward to them as special times.
Hope you are feeling better soon!

pärlbesatt said...

Vill du se nåt rart (särskilt som du gillar både blommor och te), så titta på följande länk. Det kan trösta från förkylningselände i nån sekund... Och krya på dig!

Felis said...

I'm sorry to hear that! I hope you are better now and not all weekend is lost! For sore throat we use 1 soup spoon honey mixed with vanilla for cake. Get well soon!

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