Thursday, September 29, 2011

thursday notes


Three things today:

~ meeting went well, as far as the the new administrator being a mild and simpatico guy wanting to help. Thinking my idea for a business was a great one, unfortunately, the current political system - with its very much a not so hidden, but completely appalling, agenda being to create a general, slow long-term salary-cut for average to lower income groups - "prohibits" the administrators to give the financial help/for-a-while-only benefits during the startup for someone in my situation. I knew that was most probably the case beforehand, so no surprise there, sadly.

Well, be as that financially may, it felt nice to still be firm about not wanting to remain in a pindown system that causes only misery and pain. By the end of next week I have to let him know what I will do from then on, I have no choice, there's only one answer. But I'll take the week as a chance to gather more information and inputs, from people as well as a business fair I'm going to on Tuesday.

Moving on. Moving up.

~ After the meeting we went for a stroll at one of my favourite places on earth, Skogskyrkogården (The Woodland Cemetery), the beautiful, soul soothing Unesco World Heritage Site in the southern outskirts of Stockholm. We enjoyed such a fantastic Indian summer day today, some +20 degrees C and mild breezes, it was some hours well spent in a perfect, just perfect way (even if feet were incredibly tired and we missed lunch-time at the nearby bakery with five minutes...).

~ When I came home I finished a project I've been thinking about for so long, but didn't begin with until earlier this week and yes finished today already. Well beyond chuffed am I, but I will not divulge any details until I have a copy of my own in my hand to evaluate in a couple of weeks. If it looks as good as it does on screen I will be proud to show and tell.

Until then I will simply heart the fact that I went so quickly from start to finish, for a longtime planned project. That really is something to rejoice all in its very own. Heart.



The Elephant's Child said...

I am so pleased to here that some positives are starting to emerge in your world. And looking forward to being able to see your completed project.

Felis said...

I hope everything will be what you want, sooner than you think! I'm small confused from formality part. Is it possible member of your family, who works, to start your business? One kind symbolic boss. I'm sure you will find decision! Good luck!

Angella said...

I'm so happy things are looking up for you. :) And congratulations on your speedy (albeit secretive) project. I look forward to hearing more about it. ;)

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