Monday, September 19, 2011

random monday musings


Some random thoughts that have swirled through my mind on this Monday of incredibly intense falling of rain here;

~ one can never have to many semi-colons. Or at least most people and texts would benefit from a more frequent use of them darling dots.

~ the very first concert I went to (pre-teens or early teens) was with Shakin' Stevens. For pubescent girls at that time, I seem to recall, he and his pelvis movements were completely mesmerizing and swoonworthy. When I look at old music videos now I simply giggle at the poor quality and silliness of him shuffling around while singing. But the songs are still good. I remember especially enjoying "Oh Julie" and "You drive me crazy".

When I heard about him coming to Sweden in October (birthday treat!) with a 30th anniversary tour I got two tickets and thought it would be easy peasy to get good company. The two persons that were my first choices have said no, so now I have to rack my brain some more. I quite enjoy this recent version of "Oh Julie", the ticket's of the affordable kind, so really, what's not to like here?

~ when August came to an end the three-legged hedgehog and her family were suddenly nowhere in my garden to be seen. I fear the worst, but hopefully it was simply a case of them moving on to find a more befitting place to hibernate. It was lovely while it lasted, I hope to see her with friends next year again.

~ had my, hopefully, second to last root-filling experience last week. What got me through that hour of wide-open-mouth-brace-rubber-cloth-cover and drilling was the thought of me popping by an unexpected  shoe sale. Having my mind firmly set on a pair of black oxfords, because they're classics and winered oxfords might deserve a day off now and then come autumn. When I arrived at the shoe shop it turned out their (newly updated) website wasn't accurate and the specific shoes were long since sold out. I'm still quite quite disappointed about it. Even if my lack of shoes to wear isn't exactly legendary.

~ today arrived a most pleasing package of socks from Sock Dreams, some for myself, some for gifts. It was a nice treat on a glum day. Even if a pair of black oxfords would of course be the perfect compliment to some of the socks.

~ got a tip via a friend about a fine job that partly fits me like a glove, partly I have quite less than an idea how things work. But since they apparently still (this is the second time they advertise after a previous, recent non successful recruitment procedure) haven't found what they're looking for perhaps they're just looking at it the wrong way. Needless to say I'm beyond jaded when it comes to job-searching, but well, a tip from someone who's already semi-sold me to the organisation in question, an email-address to an actual person in charge instead of a de-identified web-formulary, I went for it. Without getting my hopes up, since they have sadly not done a lot of good for me so far.

~ never did go to the hairdresser last week, but I have a new appointment on Wednesday. A day that will hopefully find me in a better mood.

~ the Löv organic tea with orange cinnamon flavour is really really nice too. But I'll have to be careful with drinking any of them black teas before bedtime. I was wide awake all night last night after a couple of cups. That rarely happens with teas for me, so no such tea that time of the day (evening) from here on. Of course that's a good excuse to try some of the Löv green teas instead I suppose...

~ still haven't properly introduced the recent-ish bobbaloo arrivals, perhaps it's simply because an addiction a special fondness like that can be hard to own up to. It will appear quite tangible when properly posted in blog. But who cares really. Such little moodlifters deserve a proper post. So soon.

~ don't forget to enter the 6th blogoversary giveaway, if you're interested in getting a set of quirky postcards by yours truly. Last day of entry Thursday 22nd.


The Elephant's Child said...

Moodlifters should be enjoyed whenever you like, or whenever you need. And if you become a bit hoglettie acquiring more and more moodlifters - it is because they are needed. So there.

Fuzzy Tales said...

I laughed at the "never have too many semi-colons." I can't say my grammar is spot-on, but I do rather like semi-colons, when used appropriately.

I hope you find good company for the concert, and that you enjoy it as much as you did when you were younger. Sometimes reality in older life doesn't live up to memory in younger life. LOL.

Fingers crossed for your hedgehog family, I hope they'll be safe this winter.

Boo for a root canal and for the shoes being sold out, but hurrah for socks and teas and *possible* jobs! Fingers crossed there, too, if it turns out to be something that you feel would be a good fit for you.

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