Friday, December 02, 2011

cinnamon bun tea


Another week has passed, weekend again, I hope you'll be able to spend yours just the way you want to!

Me, I'm going to spend a better part of it drinking this fabulous tea concoction I recieved this past week from a friend - for some odd reason it also contains popcorn - very easy on the eye, wouldn't you agree?


When brewed it turns pink - yayness! - and luckily it's quite drinkable with milk too, ie it doesn't curdle like most herbaly kind of teas do. It smells lovely of cinnamon bun and candy when dry, when brewed more of spices and apple pie. So no matter state, scent, it really is spirit lifting.

Swedish lesson of the day: kanelbullete = cinnamon bun tea - Sweden is obviously not a country which in general approves of writing words separately, which may be tricky if you're trying to learn it, but with its definite advantages as a whole.


Lost Star said...

This sounds/looks amazing. I can almost smell it sitting here looking at it!

Elephant's Child said...

Cinnamon is such a comforting smell. I am always heavy handed when I add it to recipes. Have a great weekend.

Åsa said...

:) Det var värst vilken gotteblandning. Jag hade påsen i ytterfacket på en väska och den doftade flera dagar efter. Var rädd att doften från teet försvunnit men vet inte vart den i så fall tagit vägen. Påsen hann faktiskt inte ligga här hemma särskilt länge, bara två dagar, innan det fick resa iväg med Posten. Jag har som sagt ett fruktte som jag gillar som också blir alldeles rosa. Det har lite blomblad men mest små bitar av torkad frukt i.
Hoppas de små sötingarna också gillar kanelbulleteet med smak av äppelkaka

mavisxdd said...

Hi Pia! Greetings from Hong Kong!
I'd experienced the same problem (i.e. the milk curdles) when drinking citrus-y teas, which made me very frustrated!
Then I found out I can just add the milk (cold or room temperature) in a really really slow stream and it'll be perfectly fine, no more curdled tea ever since! :D
Have a great day!

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