Thursday, December 01, 2011

on december 1st 2011


This December 1st is very different from last year's, in weather as well as mind. But as grateful as one might be for every day that passes without snow - since the last two winters have been incredibly cold, harsh, long  and difficult - as saddening it is to find wild strawberries growing this time of the year outdoors in Sweden. Sheer madness. Spotted in bloom have also been narcissus and pansies. This scares me, temperatures allowing this on these latitudes this time of the year really aren't what should be.

I've also thought about the fact that today it's 22 years since my father passed away. I very rarely think about this on December 1st, I miss him on other days and especially at certain occasions which I would have liked to share and discussed, but rarely mull on this day. There are so many happenings, so many episodes, so many people and situations I would have loved to have his input on. There are also many events and human madness I'm grateful for him to never having had to experience. But that 22 years have now passed, that is also madness of another kind.

Today is also the month of Miss December. I now wonder about the outcome of this year's competition.

Now time to go forth and bake cookies - see I'm working my way through the weekly list.

December loaf and I wish you a lovely month to come ~

vinterlimpa 2011


pärlbesatt said...

Oh, vi har samma tråkiga decemberhändelse gemensam... Beklagar sorgen åt oss båda. Och jag håller med om vädret. Skönt, men skrämmande, som tusan.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Thinking of you as you remember your father, Pia.

We still have a few straggling fall blooms in this area, and I've seen buds on lilac and magnolia bushes. Except for one day of freezing rain and snow last week, November was wonderfully mild. I wish it could continue!

Elephant's Child said...

I love the loaf dog.
And I remember my father too - thinking of things he would have loved/hated, wanting his input. And the pain changes, but it doesn't go away.

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