Wednesday, December 21, 2011

santa swirlings


I'm so pleased (touch wood) that after having noticed that the wee ones gained weight through suckle only yesterday I did sleep about seven hours in a row last night. De-lovely. In many ways. Thus I've actually managed to put in a bit of proper work today, my brain seems reasonable well back in order - even if I'm already very much looking forward to bedtime again - all the Christmas cards are written AND sent, I've finished a third pair of Lovikka mittens - but for the thumbs, they're boring - and I've even cooked a few meals.

Today is the darkest day of the year, surely things will only get better from now on. We hope.

And now, by winter candlelight, I will be enjoying another cup of that amazing Christmas tea Santa Swirl (Tomtesnurr) tea from the same company that's behind the Gingerbread tea - part of the tea giveaway - while contemplating (after getting some tragic news from a friend) the fragility of life. From one second to another the world as you know it may change. The littlest things can make you plummet into despair (or for that matter, walk on air).

The daily grind, our minor (in the big scheme) issues and hang-ups, they're just so silly and futile. It's so sad and unfortunate that we rarely see it that way, until tragedy strikes, whether directly or by proxy. Of course we can't live all our days as if they were the very last one, that would be exhausting and daft, but if we could just dare a bit more, challenge ourselves and treasure the good things. Wholeheartedly treasure. Here and now.



Anonymous said...

And I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments - we should all remember these momnets. Happy and peaceful Christmas to you, Pia


Åsa said...

Ååååh, nämennej så sööööta! Alltså vi är så galet bra funtade då vi faller för och ömmar för barn och ungar i alla olika färger, former och konstellationer. Allt smått, vingligt och lite hjälplöst. Håller tummarna att de fortsätter växa till sig och snart kan äta själva :)

Elephant's Child said...

And those enchanting furs certainly only live for the here and now. And relax so much more thoroughly than we do. I am really happy that they are starting to gain weight.

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